Everything You Need to Know About Getting the Cheapest Flights

Travel is one of the finer experiences in life. The world is filled with beautiful destinations, sights, people, and cultures. It’d be a shame to miss any of it, and it’s a shame when the only thing holding you back is your budget. With new tools and lower rates, however, an increasing amount of people can fly and see the world. The only difference is that you need to be more aware of the ways you can save money, like knowing when the best time to book flights is. Opodo recommends booking six weeks before flying for the cheapest airfares, but there are so many ways you can add on to the savings to book the absolutely cheapest flights possible.

For us Britons, domestic and short-haul flights are incredibly popular. There’s also the option of cheaper airlines like EasyJet. On top of keeping short-haul flights low, you can also lower your costs for domestic travel and for long-haul flights out of Europe. Keep an eye out for the deals when flying to Europe and where flights can take you. For instance, if you wish to go to Asia, two short-haul flights may end up being cheaper than one.


Prices change day-to-day

The first thing to know about flights is that the prices change on a day-to-day basis. There are two ways that they change. First, the price changes depending on the day you book your flight. Sundays in October tend to be the cheapest dates to fly domestic, Wednesdays in January are the best for short-haul flights, and Tuesdays in September are the best for long-haul flights. As previously stated, Opodo has also concluded that six weeks before you want to travel is the sweet spot for securing the best deal. Technically this means that November travel is best for far away trips, February is the best time to visit a destination in Europe, and early is the best time to fly domestically. Flying too close to Christmas, however, will increase costs again, as this is a popular time amongst travellers.


What if you miss the six week sweet spot?

Of course, missing the six week prime time is easy, but if you do, you do not have to despair. Instead, you should aim to book two weeks in advance, as waiting until the week before can see prices increase tenfold. Although the myth is to book last minute for the best prices, Opodo’s infographic (see below) has determined that this is, in fact, not the case. Instead, you should book in six weeks before travel (31 to 60 days before travel) or, if you miss that, book two weeks before (8 to 14 days before travel). This is the case for all types of travel, from domestic to long-haul. If the prices start to increase, wait them out.

Finding the cheapest flights is not easy, but with insider knowledge and key data from companies like Opodo, any traveller can reduce the costs of their trip significantly. This means you can either do more at your destination or you can go on more trips! Beat the confusing flight price conundrum and book at the right time and travel at the right time.


Everything You Need to Know About Getting the Cheapest Flights



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