Five tips to become the best thrifty traveller

It’s no secret that travelling costs a pretty penny with so much to do, see and eat, which only leads to business owners increasing prices, knowing holiday-goers will pay a premium for these experiences. This makes becoming a thrifty traveller a must to keep costs down, so each holiday you go on doesn’t bankrupt you.

It’s believed that roughly 80% of Brits planned on going on a summer holiday in 2023 and each person will’ve spent over £2,100 on this travel, which is a huge amount of money for most of the British population. So, if you’re heading overseas for a fun-filled adventure in the future, we’ve put some money-saving tips together, so you can enjoy yourself – without it costing an arm and a leg.


Split your holiday payments up to budget better

Buying a holiday package can be expensive to do in one lump sum and may lead to you saying no to plans in the build-up to your getaway. Keen budgeters will like this tip because we think you should opt to split the cost of your holiday across several months.

Many holiday providers offer interest-free monthly payments for holidays, which means you can work them into your monthly budget. This should mean you’re not saving for an extended period of time and it can also be an easy way to improve your credit score too when you make payments on time, every time.


Avoid tourist traps

Tourist traps are a big no if you want to save money. The restaurants in these areas often charge higher prices for less authentic and poorer quality food than those off the beaten track. The same goes for attractions and while there’ll be some places that you’ll be happy to pay for, you should avoid going to too many of these popular ones to save some money.


Try the free attractions

Off the back of avoiding the busy touristy areas, we recommend taking advantage of the free attractions and activities. Parks, beaches and museums often don’t have any entry fees and let you experience the local culture more authentically.


Take advantage of public transport

Public transport is always one of the cheapest ways to get around – other than walking. Very often, cities will have an easy-to-follow metro or bus system as well as online ticketing that allows you to buy transport fares at low prices.


Eat from local street vendors

Avoid restaurants and try the local street food for great food at even better prices. This lets you support local people who know how to make authentic recipes for you to try. We recommend researching how to eat street food safely, however, to avoid any sickness putting your plans on hold.


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