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There always have been and always will be big differences between the way men and women gamble online. But what’s interesting is how many of the stereotypes people have come to believe over the years are actually quite far from the reality of things. For some women bingo is their game of choice, some prefer poker and others are all about online slots. Though what’s even more interesting is the way in which overall gaming behaviours and preferences differ significantly between the genders.

What Do Women Enjoy Playing and Why?

Admittedly, it’s risky to attempt to generalise or pigeonhole male or female gamers on the whole. Everyone has their own unique preferences and gaming habits, so may not appreciate being bracketed in with everyone else.

Still, extensive studies have highlighted how male and female gamblers differ in their approach to gaming in general. Some of the most interesting findings from the gender-based studies carried out over recent years are as follows:

  1. Research has shown that women have a tendency to spend more time playing one specific game than men. Or to put it another way, female players aren’t nearly as likely to spend their time jumping from one game to the next – they prefer to focus their time and effort on one game (or a couple of games) they enjoy most.
  2. In addition, female gamblers in general (though there are exceptions) don’t tend to enjoy a traditional casino table games as much as men. There’s no specific reason as to why this is the case, but studies have confirmed it is true.
  3. Dice games and number-related games like Bingo and Keno tend to be more popular among female gamblers than male gamblers. They’re still extremely popular among men, but seem to hold more appeal for females who enjoy gambling.
  4. When polled, approximately 25% of female gamblers said they play online casino games simply to pass the time. Meanwhile, 51% stated that their primary motivation is to win prizes – not just have fun.
  5. Interestingly, female gamblers are statistically less likely than men to develop a gambling addiction. Women aren’t immune to problematic gambling, though don’t seem to be as prone to gambling excessively or dangerously.

In terms of numbers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the overwhelming majority of online gamblers were men. In reality, this simply isn’t the case.

According to the most recent estimates, approximately 60% of the online gambling community is now female. Traditional casinos are more popular among men, but online casinos are now the stomping ground of the female gambler.

The Most Popular Online Games for Female Gamblers

Taking a closer look at the specifics, there are several online casino games that never fail to prove a hit with female gamblers. The following routinely come out as the top picks among women who gamble online:

Jackpot Slots

By this, we mean the kinds of progressive jackpot slots that often have life-changing top prizes to play for. Progressives have become exceptionally popular over the years, appealing to anyone who enjoys high stakes and has an established risk appetite.

For some reason, female gamblers in particular seem to have taken to these extremely volatile slots. By contrast, male gamblers are more likely to hop between a bunch of lower-stakes slots when gambling online.


The simplicity and sophistication of roulette in general makes it an extremely popular game among male and female gamblers alike. When polled, a sizeable majority of women who said they play casino games regularly said that their table game of choice was roulette. It’s no different among men – roulette is an extraordinarily popular game and always has been.

Roulette is also one of the best casino games available for newcomers, or anyone who gambles in a more casual sense. You don’t have to get to grips with any complex rules or strategies to make the most of a game of roulette – it’s a game of pure chance and epic enjoyment. Live online roulette in particular is proving popular right now, combining the convenience of online gaming with the thrill of the real-life casino experience.

Texas Hold’em

Poker has typically been seen as a male-dominated form of gambling, but things have taken a major turn as of late. Something that’s happened thanks in no small part to the efforts of online casinos to appeal to female audiences, rather than focusing their attention entirely on men.

Women are also starting to make their mark in professional poker circles, scoring seats at some of the biggest events in the business. In doing so, they inspire others to follow their example and give poker a try.

Of all the various different forms of poker, Texas Hold’em remains the most popular by far. Just as is the case with men – the vast majority of whom exclusively play Texas Hold’em.


For some women, bingo is their game of choice, some prefer poker and others are all about online slots. Though what’s even more interesting is the way in which overall gaming behaviours and preferences differ significantly between the genders. Conversely, bingo has always been seen as a female-focused form of gambling.  Slowly but surely, however, its appeal is reaching enormous male audiences on a global basis. Something that has much to do with the advent of online bingo, which has taken everything that’s great about the game to an entirely new level.

Accessibility, affordability, sociability, convenience and so on – all maximised with online bingo. Not to mention, the fact that the whole thing is more or less automated, making it practically impossible to go wrong.


Last but not least, Slingo is considered a relative newcomer to the mix, though has actually been doing its thing for more than a decade. Slingo is a simple yet innovative concept that combines both the mechanics and the benefits of online slots and bingo. Given the immense popularity of both these games with male and female audiences, the resulting popularity of Slingo comes as no surprise. Slingo has opened the door to an enormous new catalogue of enjoyable and immersive games – often with huge prizes to play for. Slingo is currently more popular among men than women, but male gamers are gaining ground fast!

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