The benefits of text messaging for your small business

Text messaging is commonly viewed as an informal mode of communication. Usually reserved for teens and young adults, it can relay a message across in record time and with maximum convenience. After years of being shunned to the sidelines, a growing number of small businesses are benefiting from the communicative powers of text messaging. Continue reading to find out how text messaging can improve communication and boost productivity within your organisation.


It is convenient

When it comes to methods of communication, it doesn’t get more convenient than text messaging. You can eliminate the inconveniences associated with traditional methods of communication. For example, unexpected phone calls from unknown contacts can be overwhelming. Email correspondence can become arduous and time-consuming. There are also several pleasantries that must be exchanged when you are communicating via conventional methods. Text messaging allows you to get your message across quickly and efficiently. With no need to wait until after the beep, text messaging is a non-intrusive alternative to emails and phone calls that can streamline your in-house communication over time. Technological advancements in recent years have also allowed consumers to recover deleted imessages. This can further improve communication within your organisation and help to create a barrier of trust and appreciation between employers and employees.


It increases automation

Automation is the name given to technological processes that do not require human intervention. Incorporating text messaging into your in-house communication strategy can pave the way for greater channels of communication between you and your employees. It can also streamline the overall daily running of your business and offer higher levels of effectiveness than both phone calls and emails as they are less likely to be ignored. Text messaging can also be automated. Whether you need to send a message a number of times to really make it stick or wish to send a text en masse to your existing internal customer base, this can boost your digital marketing strategy and surge potential profits. There are several apps available to help you seamlessly incorporate text messaging into your digital marketing strategy today.


It is cost-effective

Marketing can cost an arm and a leg. A growing number of new and small businesses are opting out of outsourced digital marketing strategies in favour of cheaper in-house methods. Text messaging can be a great cost-effective solution. Sending a simple SMS is much quicker and cheaper than constructing an entire ad campaign from scratch. Whether you choose to establish a text messaging campaign in-house or externally is a matter of personal preference. Prices differ depending on the size of your customer base and the frequency of your text messaging strategy. Some providers may also offer tailor-made package deals for a relatively low flat rate to allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Text messaging has proven to be a great digital marketing tool for small business owners on a budget or with a little less time to spare.


It is interactive

Text messaging allows for greater control and flexibility than traditional modes of communication. It can be a great way to inject a little fun and creativity into your brand and engage with your customers. There are a number of different ways to do this. You can structure your message as a questionnaire, poll, blog, survey, or quiz. You can also offer weekly competitions or contests as a way of involving your customers or staff and ensuring they feel like a valuable asset to your brand as a whole. You can also add links or images of content available on your website to pique their interest and entice them to check out the wide range of goods and services you have to offer. This can lead to improved brand awareness and a surge in profits. Not all mobile devices are smartphones but targeting your content towards your largest demographic can help you retain a sense of loyalty within your existing customer base. It may also be worth incorporating a variety of different creative text messaging marketing campaigns over time to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and are consistently producing fun, spontaneous content.


Users can opt-in or out

Traditional methods of marketing rely on large pools of consumers in order to succeed. They also require you to spend a large chunk of money to ensure you are reaching as many potential customers as possible in as little time as possible. This is risky as most consumers tend to ignore advertisements that are not relevant to them or their lifestyle or interests. Text messaging, on the other hand, relies on the consumer to opt-in. Customers must agree to receive your text messages on a regular basis in order to be added to your contact list. This ensures each recipient is interested and invested in what you have to say and is more likely to proceed to your site to browse and purchase your goods and services. This also ensures you aren’t wasting time or money bothering uninterested consumers by bombarding them with text messages that they are likely to ignore. As with emails, most text messages include a set of instructions informing customers how to opt-out if they no longer wish to receive your marketing messages. In order to launch a successful text messaging marketing strategy, you must first build up a substantial customer base via traditional modes of marketing such as social media posts, emails, and online ads.


Text messaging can be a powerful tool for small businesses. It can streamline internal communications and boost your relationship with your existing customer base. Most consumers own a smartphone or smart device and spend hours endlessly scrolling on a daily basis. By shifting your marketing campaign to where your audience is, you can reach a wider pool of prospective customers and increase your bottom line. With such small smart up fees and the option to outsource, text messaging can launch your small business to brand-new heights and simplify your daily operations.

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