The Hottest New Vape Products On The Market In 2020

The vaping market is growing massively and there have been tons of new products hitting the shelves lately. Vaping technology is also rapidly evolving, and we’re seeing a lot of trends changing the landscape. Big companies are constantly battling to get a chunk of the market, and this has brought us a lot of great products. Products are also becoming much more refined and targeting specific niches. Let’s take a look at the new vape products on the market in 2020.

New Zeus Juice Flavours

Zeus Juice has gained a reputation for producing great flavours even at high nicotine concentrations, and they’ve released a wide variety of great flavours. Their Black Reloaded collection has interesting flavours like menthol, blackcurrant, dark berries, and aniseed. It is available in 3mg and 6mg, as well as 12mg, and 20mg nic salts. If you want to check out other flavours by Zeus Juice UK, you can visit the Vapeology, which sells everything you need to vape.

New Zeus Juice Flavours


Vaporesso Osmall

Vaporesso has always been known for innovation, and the Osmall is definitely an innovative product. This one is for the growing cartridge market and is a great device if you need a backup or something small you can take on the go. It’s very stealthy as well. The only issue with it is the cheap plastic construction, but it’s a reasonable trade-off when considering the price.

vaporesso osmall


Iqos 3 Multi and DUO

These are also very compact vapes and are great for people who are looking to replicate the smoking experience. Also note that these units use actual tobacco, as more people are getting into direct tobacco vaping. These are a great option for those who still crave actual cigarettes, but don’t really like the feel of VG/PG products. The Iqos Duo was even made to feel like a cigarette in your hands, so this is the perfect option if you were looking for a transition device.


Riptide Ripstick

The Riptide Ripstik uses a cartridge system and is perfect for beginners who are looking for something convenient. With this, no need for refilling and no need to look for coils. The system also uses draw activation technology, so there are no buttons to push. What is also great about the Ripstik is that the e-liquid in cartridges is completely free of Benzoic acid, which reduces much of the throat hit.

Riptide Ripstick



Dovpo X VaperzCloud Odin

If you’re looking for something more robust, then look no further than the Odin by Dovpo and VaperzCloud. This unit has a 200w output and a great ergonomic design. The unit is surprisingly compact when considering its power, and comes with a proprietar board, tons of user settings and temperature control. It’s one of the most compact dual battery units you’ll find on the market.

Dovpo X VaperzCloud Odin

If you are looking to enjoy sweet and pure substances without any solvent in it, pressing your own rosin can be an ideal solution. This DIY Rosin Press allows you to produce your own vape extract. Imagine just how convenient having your own rosin press can be! Do note that rosin presses are mainly used for extracting cannabinoids from a Cannabis plant via heat and pressure.


These are just some of the new products on the market this year, and we can expect more to come. Make sure to give these a look and keep an eye on new innovations and releases.




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