Understanding the beauty in confidence

We are all drawn to confident people. Tap into this magnetic power by following this four-step guide to understanding the beauty in confidence. It won’t be long before you feel unstoppable!


Why is confidence attractive?

Confidence is attractive because it demonstrates self-value – in other words, an appreciation of who you are as a person. This attitude encourages others to see your unique beauty too, both in terms of your physical appearance and personality.

Confident behaviour is also an indicator of high self-esteem. People are drawn to self-esteem because it inspires feelings of trust and stability, and helps you to maintain healthy relationships.


How to be more confident

While some people are born confident, everyone can practice the tricks of the trade and fake it ‘til they make it. Here are the four cornerstones of how to be more confident.


  1. Encouraging self-love

The first step to being more confident is to encourage self-love. If you do not appreciate yourself, it will be hard for others to appreciate you too.

Change your internal narrative from finding fault to positive affirmations. Identify your favourite elements of your appearance and character and keep these front of mind when you feel low. Make an effort not to compare yourself to others, instead practicing gratitude for what you have.


  1. Body language

Physiology – body language – is also essential to accessing the beauty in confidence. The way you present yourself to the world affects how people respond to you, either drawing them in or pushing them away.

Open body language is most attractive. This includes planted feet, relaxed arms and standing tall. In contrast, closed body language such as folded arms and hanging your head will make you seem shy and defensive which makes you less approachable.


  1. Conscious dressing

The clothes you wear are almost as important as how you use your body. Conscious dressing will transform your mood, helping you feel confident day-to-day radiating beauty all the way.

Create a capsule wardrobe of outfits that inspire self-belief. This might include a power suit for work and an LBD for date nights. Indulging in elevated accessories like a vibrant Hublot watch with diamond detail is an easy way to embrace self-expression and make you feel extra-special.

Care and attention with how you dress also shows pride in yourself which is an attractive quality.


  1. A healthy routine

Finally, take time to build a healthy routine. This is key to you developing authentic confidence.

Healthy habits include set sleeping patterns, consistent exercise, and preparing balanced meals. The psychological benefits of personal routines are numerous: after just a few weeks, you will feel more balanced and have renewed pride in yourself. You will also glow with the sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving realistic goals, a beauty that cannot escape notice.

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