Move Aside Rubber Ducky! 6 Gadgets You’ll Want In Your Bathroom

Did you ever think the day would come when gadgets would make their way into your bathroom? Turns out it has. And it’s about to make your bathroom experience better than you could ever have imagined.  Here are some of the bathroom gadgets you never knew you needed.

The Water Blasting Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are finally going high tech. For years we’ve put up with toilet brushes that don’t squirt water and don’t do a good job of cleaning your toilet bowl. But now that’ all about to change. ‘Loogun’ uses a water jet to make toilet cleaning less crappy excuse the pun. They’ve developed a toilet brush that squirts water out of the front as you clean. It’s rather like a snake shooting venom from its front teeth. What a fantastic time it is to be alive!



The Medieval Knight Who Serves You Toilet Paper

Who says chivalry is dead? Certainly not the toilet paper dispensing knights of yore. These chaps sit on the wall like a regular toilet paper dispenser, except they add their own medieval flourish. This is definitely one for people who like to stay up oiling their swords at night and reenacting medieval battles at the weekend.



The Thermostatic Mix Tap

One of the most annoying things about modern bathrooms is the fact that the water is either too hot or too cold. No matter how carefully you turn the dial on your shower, temperature bounces around all over the place. It’s a choice between blisteringly hot and icicle freezing. Or is it? Thermostatic bath shower mixer taps get rid of that problem once and for all. They can actually be calibrated to deliver a range of reasonable temperatures without requiring a deft touch. It’s a truly remarkable system.



The Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Have you ever wanted to have that spa experience in your own home? Well thanks to aromatherapy shower kits, you can. These kits clip onto the top of your shower and then hang over the jet of water. As the water comes into contact with the kit, it releases essential oils, like lavender. It’s cheap, simple and luxurious.


The Steamy Mirror Window Wiper

What’s the biggest problem for most people the moment they step out of the shower? The bathroom mirror is all steamed up. At this point, you’ve got one of two options. Either you can wipe the mirror with your hands, risking leaving oily marks. Or you can use your tower to limited effect. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a better solution?  Well, now there is. A company has come up with a mirror wiping concept that’s very similar to the wiper on your car.




The mirror wiper has a suction pad that attaches to your mirror. It’s then on a hinge that allows a wiper blade beneath to swing. It means that bathroom users can wipe their mirrors by simple using the blade. Interesting idea, no?


The Bathside Champagne Bottle Chiller

Are you inclined to have a bottle of bubbly while you have your bath? Well, if you are, you can now get a bubbly bottle holder with ice that attaches to the side of your bath.




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