Favorites For Winning UEFA Euro 2024

The UEFA 2024 Euro are almost here with two qualifying games being played at the end of March to decide the rest of the group categories. The official start date of Euro 2024 is 14th June 2024 with a UEFA EURO 2024 in Munich kickoff. Who do you think will win? Read on to learn about the favorites to win UEFA Euro 2024 (UEFA European Championship).


Predictions and Favorites to Win The UEFA European Championship in Germany

We’ve created a table that shows you the odds for each of the top five teams to win and when they last won:

Team Odds to Win Last Won
England 7/2 Never
France 4/1 1984, 2000
Germany 7/1 1972, 1980, 1996
Spain 7/1 1964, 2008, 2012
Portugal 8/1 2016


Let’s have a look at the odds in more detail and where the predictions are coming from:


England is burdened with expectations. Every year, England goes to the extreme to believe the team is finally bringing it home – and they never actually have won the Euros, and it’s been almost 60 years since they have won the World Cup. Still, we do understand the odds of 7/2. Foden has been in outstanding form for Manchester City this season and Saka for Arsenal. And we all know how Jude Bellingham is doing at Real Madrid. Harry Kane is also flying under the radar at Bayern Munich – he has 25 goals in the Bundesliga alone. Will he score more at the UEFA EURO 2024 in Munich? Probably. Maybe this is the year it actually does come home. Imagine the street celebrations!



France has good predictions for the Uefa euro germany 2024. They have a 2018 World Cup victory and a 2021 UEFA Nations League win to come into the tournament with. And they won the Euros in 1984 and 2000. And that was without Mbappé’s. People are saying that with Mbappé’s, it’s almost a guaranteed win.


Germany technically has the advantage of being the tournament host – all of the games are at home grounds. But that’s not to say other players haven’t played there before – Bellingham at the BVB and Kane at Allianz Arena. So, how much of an advantage do you think this will have? With odds of 7/1, the German team is under scrutiny. They have had some recent inconsistent performances. Still, the squad has Joshua Kimmich’s midfield mastery and Jamal Musiala’s incredible talent – they have every chance of winning. , suggests a capacity for significant impact.


Spain – tied with Germany at 7/1 odds – are a force to beat – they always are. They have the guidance of Luis Enrique and a team rejuvenation – you’re mixing talents like Sergio Busquets with young talents like Ferran Torres. They know how to control the game, adapt to the tempo, and win at the last minute.


Portugal has UEFA Euros heritage – they’re the 2016 European Champions. And what a tournament that was. And now, they have the experience of Cristiano Ronaldo with the young players like João Félix and Bruno Fernandes. They have a good chance of winning, but they are probably underrated with the odds of 8/1.

Those are the team odds for the experts, but the fans have different predictions (more on that later).


Is It Worth Betting on UEFA Euro 2024?

Do you think you’ll be lucky and make winning predictions for Uefa euro germany 2024? If you’re a football fan, of course, you know best! Even if you don’t, it’s still fun. For the 2020 Euros, one of the most popular bets was on individual matches. Statistica released figures showing 72% of people who put on a bet put it on individual matches compared to 4% on shared group bets.

Still, however, if you do it, we’d say it’s worth betting on the Euros. There’s enough information online to help you make a decent decision. Decent, because you obviously never know what’ll happen, but you can still try. We’ve given you the Uefa Euro 2024 betting odds for the overall winners – you’ll be able to find individual match odds closer to the time. Well, some match odds are out now, but they’ll change as the games get closer.

The format of the tournament gives unique betting opportunities. There are group stages, qualifiers, and the main events that most people tune in for – the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. These rounds are where all the non-football fans come to join in. You’ll get special bets, like the tournament’s top goal scorer, player of the tournament, and the favorites to win the UEFA European Championship.

Or you can have friendly wagering pools with your friends. A round of drinks to the person who guesses the score correctly? Sounds good to us.


UEFA Euro 2024 Fans

What are the thoughts of UEFA Euro 2024 fans? It ranges from Turkey being the underdog and Germany and England are overrated. We could agree with England – until now. England have prime Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham on their side. According to statistics online, fans think these are the teams with the highest percent chance of winning –


  • England & France – 15% probability of winning
  • Germany – 13% probability of winning
  • Spain – 10% probability of winning
  • Portugal – 9% probability of winning
  • Netherlands – 7% probability of winning
  • Belgium & Italy – 6% probability of winning
  • Denmark & Croatia – 4% probability of winning


We’ve given you experts’ odds, and now you have the fan’s odds. They’re not much different.

And we seriously don’t know why England is always first – as you can see from the table above, they don’t have any winning credibility across many competitions.

And that’s pretty much what fans are thinking – England is overrated, and Portugal is underrated. Some also think people are sleeping on Croatia, and they’re probably right. Modric has a mission to make this a successful last UEFA European Football Championship, and Croatia always performs well.

We’re surprised Italy isn’t having the spotlight after winning the Euros 2020, but it is true that other teams performed better in the qualifying.

With over 20 million ticket requests from 206 countries for matches at UEFA EURO 2024, we expect as many of these fans as possible to try and bag a seat to see if their predictions come true. And, more often than not, fan predictions are more true than the pundits.

If you can’t get a ticket, UEFA has released information about public screenings. UEFA’s provision for public screening licenses will let people share the excitement. Billions will tune in.



The UEFA EURO 2024 in Munich and more is generating a lot of excitement – more than other years, we’d say. Perhaps it’s because of the massive talent list or because watching the games in a pub in the sun with the atmosphere is exciting. You decide why you’re most excited, and let us know in the comment section.

For us – it’s about seeing players like Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden work together to set Harry Kane up for the perfect finisher. And this time, he best finishes it! Starting on Friday, June 14th, in Munich with Germany vs Scotland and finishing on Sunday, July 14th, in Berlin, get ready to see the best football of 2024.


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