Why A Marquee Wedding Rocks!

For the couples getting married, planning and enjoying the perfect wedding means crafting each and every detail in direct accordance with the needs, preferences and budget of those organising it (often the brides parents!). Whilst there are plenty of superb wedding packages available, choosing something ‘off-the-shelf’ is never quite the same as watching your every wish brought to life right before your eyes. Which is precisely the reason why I think marquee weddings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for weddings. While there’s nothing to say traditional indoor weddings cannot be quite spectacular, marquee weddings bring something unique, dynamic and truly magical into the mix. It’s rare for even a single guest not to be blown away by a marquee wedding – the impact and enjoyment being even greater for the couple tying the knot. But given all that’s available indoors these days, why is it that marquee weddings are becoming so popular among discerning planners and couples alike?


Total Flexibility

Well, for one thing is the way in which flexibility takes an important step from high to total. With a traditional indoor wedding, you are always going to be limited in certain ways by what’s made available by the building and its staff. Size, shape, layout, catering, curfews, decoration and so on – beautiful perhaps, but not exactly crafted specifically for you and you alone.

With a marquee wedding, each and every one of these considerations is completely open and flexible. Rather than simply choosing a package that best-suits your needs, every last detail from top to bottom is planned in direct accordance with your vision. Absolutely nothing is out of the question and everything you ever dreamed your wedding could be is exactly what it will be.


Location, Location, Location

Anyone who’s ever attended a marquee wedding will know that there’s something uniquely enjoyable, memorable and magical about these types of events. Something that goes far above and beyond even the most extravagant indoor weddings.

An evening under the stars? A first dance as the sun sets? The most beautiful surroundings imaginable? Being able to make the most of the indoors and outdoors at the same time? Whatever it is, the fact that you can essentially organise and host a marquee wedding anywhere you can think of takes flexibility to an even higher level. And when it comes to those all-important wedding photos…well, enough said, really!

All images captured by Cornwall Wedding Photographer – Mark Shaw Photography








Last but not least, and contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly possible to organise and host a spectacular marquee wedding for considerably less than many comparable indoor receptions – especially if you know someone with some land to fit a marquee on! No matter how large or small your budget may be, the beauty of a marquee wedding is that everything is crafted in direct accordance with your needs, preferences and available finances. However much cash you have (or don’t have!) to spend, you can rest assured that every penny will stretch so much more, when it comes to a marquee wedding.


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