Things to do in Bangalore for couples

Bangalore (also called Bengaluru) is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. The parks, gardens and nightlife are just a few of the highlights that attract modern couples. Here are a selection of things to do in Bangalore –


  1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

    Flowers, in this case, will be definitely helpful in kindling love and romance and further very well provide people with the intriguing world of romance that will be providing people with exotic colourful blooms. The lovely lake inside the garden will be helpful in improving the beauty of this place and further, the perfect setting will be definitely taken into consideration for taking a selfie together. Lal Bagh is one of the most romantic places in Bangalore where you can walk hand-in-hand with your soulmate and sit under the many places and talk for hours on end. In contrast to the condition of the city, Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the best possible places which makes it a perfect dating spot. Even if you are a fitness freak then also there is no need to worry because this can be very well taken into consideration because the entire area is spread across 240 acres of land.
  2. Cubbon Park

    This is basically a very good place that you need to visit because this is a very romantic place to visit in the city of Bangalore for couples. This is spread across 300 acres of land and is a very beautiful spectacle of gorgeous flower beds and natural rock formulation. Planning to walk in this area is definitely a very good idea because it is a charming opportunity to spend quality time with your better half.

  3. Lumbini Gardens in Bangalore

    This is one of the most fascinating places to be visited in the city of Bangalore because this is very well preferred by couples. With plenty of thrilling rides and boating facilities present over here, you can easily enjoy a lot, especially in the floating restaurant. If you’re better half is an adventure lover then definitely this is a place that you should not plan to miss.

  4. Bangalore Palace

    If you are very much interested in taking the fairytale date with your better half then definitely planning a visit to this place is a good idea because it comes with grand architecture, the best possible grounds, and the gorgeous ballrooms. This place is a very fascinating place in itself for couples where you can easily enjoy the optimum combination of grandeur with elegance. This is the perfect opportunity to spend a memorable time exploring the beauty of this place with your partner.

  5. Nandi Hills

    This particular place is definitely worth visiting because in this case you will be getting the perfect walk close to the clouds hand-in-hand with your partner and further this will be very well providing people with an amazing element of excitement. This ancient area is a very amazing place to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sun and the sunset and you should plan a visit to the top of the with your better half. Letting the early morning visit to this place is definitely worth it so that you can enjoy the perfect ambiance which is dropped that gorgeous in the golden rays of the rising sun.

  6. Hot air balloon riding in Bangalore

    If you’re very much interested in cruising over the city in a hot air balloon then definitely planning a visit to this place is a great idea because the JAKKUR Airfield in Bangalore is definitely successful in providing such opportunities to the couples. This will be a very memorable incident in the hearts of the individuals and this is one of the most interesting places for a romantic date for modern-day couples.

  7. Nehru Planetarium

    This is very well successful in providing people with a perfect stargazing experience so that you can leave your better half highly impressed. This will be definitely helpful in providing people with a very interesting romantic date idea and further you will be able to enjoy a lot. This scenario will begin with a lecture and once you observe the entire thing through the telescopes and binoculars, you will have the perfect experience. This place also conducts a good number of shows in Languages like Kannada and English along with other associated educational programs.

  8. Visiting the Blue Ginger Bangalore for dinner

    For anybody who is in love, candlelight dinner will never go out of fashion because you will be treating your dear ones to a lavish candlelight dinner, blue ginger is one of the best places to do so. The restaurant is a part of Taj West End and is one of the most important couple-friendly hotels in the city of Bangalore which provides people with an enchanting ambiance. If you are very much interested in relishing the delicious food then definitely planning a memorable romantic dinner over here is a great idea.

  9. Visiting the Commercial Street in Bangalore

    Normally people have a misconception that commercials are only for shopping but actually, it is not so because this is a vibrant pocket of Bangalore which very well comes with a significant variety of colorful and sensory delights from the vintage items to the modern item items. From branded stuff to street fashion items, everybody will be able to find a good number of things in this marketplace and further, the best part is that it will be suitable for budget and pocket. This place is a very important marketplace that comes with a good number of shopping facilities for everyone.

Bangalore has much to offer couples and if you’re interested in creating the best memories then planning a night stay in the Bangalore is very much advisable for unforgettable moments, consider booking your room in the Bangalore resorts


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