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A cool collection of pencil pictures showcasing the amazing work of artists using just pencil and paper to create stunning masterpieces. It's astonishing how much artistic skill and talent some people have. Equipped with merely a pencil and paper, they can create works of art with subtle shading and amazing accuracy of their subjects with beautiful pencil rendering skills.

I like to have a good doodle but these pictures are something else and at least with these I won't get the usual comment about the pictures being Photoshopped! Pencil drawings this good used to be common place 30 and 40 years ago. Now photography and computer illustration has unfortunately overtaken handmade drawings. Pencil sketches that captured a photo likeness is now an unusual curio on the internet.
Andy Buck Pencil Art
Andy lives here in the UK. Check out some of this cool pieces of art...
Andy has been drawing since he was 3 and gradually progressed over the years until he reached A Levels at school. It was at this time he was forced into drawing the human form and so the love of drawing portraits came about.
Andrew Buck strives to make every picture has perfectly real and hence his works are supposedly heading down the photorealism direction of pencil art.
Since his A Levels, Andy been doing the odd drawing on a commission basis and these are some of my his recent and popular pieces.

Andy's techniques involve shading with mechanical pencils of varying grade and size, smoothing with a q-tip or cotton wool, and erasing fine lines for hairs etc using either a solid rubber or putty rubber.

Visit Andy Buck pencil art on

Linda Huber Pencil Art
A self taught professional graphite pencil artist with more then 40 years experience. Most of her drawings take between 40 and 100 hours to complete.

Linda takes commissions so if you'd like to have a drawing done, email Linda. Visit Linda Huber website to view more of her cool pictures and find out more information.

More Cool Pencil Art...
If you know the artist that has created any of these pieces then please let me know. has many pencil art pieces.


  1. awesome art work!!

  2. breathtaking. my art = fail.

  3. those are really amazing.

  4. has some incredible work as well... he's brilliant!

  5. Isn't "pencil art" a drawing?

    Fabulous work.

  6. beautiful work. I have a passion for pencil drawings and its always great to see this incredible medium used to its full potential. You can check out my drawings here


  7. just amazing, hard to believe....

  8. Argh... I KNOW I've seen the galleries of some of those pictres you where asking for names of the artists for.
    I remember the car drawing, the guy beneath and the Punk drawing, the Punk drawing I seem to remember was done on two seperate peices of paper and was absoloutely MASSIVE!
    Also there is a cat picture down the bottom which is actually a minature, I remember seeing it on the artists site but of course now I can't remember her name (it was a her I'm sure of it, she was really into drawing cats >.<")

    Anyway, awesome artworks here and if I remember the artists names I shall post again :)

  9. F&#king A, supur work...I wish i could only draw like this ...

  10. awesome!!!!!
    even i got passion 4 pencil sketches!!but i lack patience!
    tatz y i am cartoonist in south!


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