Dirty Car Window Art Pictures

Cool pictures of dirty car window art from around the World. Dirty car windows for the majority of us is a pain, especially when a passer by writes on your windows ‘I wish my wife was this dirty’. There are however some amazingly creative people out there who can transform a dirty car window into a piece of art. Check these out!




















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  • haha that’s so cool! I mean slightly pointless, given, but hey, if I was stuck in a traffic jam I would want to be behind one of these cars! haha

  • The Art is fantastic. I don’t believe that any time is wasted if you enjoy what you are doing. And for the record, that art would be permanent if done on any car in Arizona as it only rains twice a year here and the dry heat statically bonds the dust to the cars. So unless they are washed, you have a 6 – 12 month masterpiece on your glass! 🙂

  • A lot of art that is made is only remembered through photographs or video. It’s not uncommon, and it wasn’t a waste of time if you caught a picture of it :p

  • It is the ephemeral nature of this type of art – much like those posted-everywhere über-realistic sidewalk drawings – that make these so wonderful. Art is as much in the doing and the fact that one swoosh of the wipers or a drive under a carwash erases these works from existence is why these works transcend the talent of their creator. Waste of time? Not hardly. Art for art’s sake is the best art.

  • I *love* temporary art. Ice sculpture, Etch-A-Sketch, mandalas… and this. This is EXTREMELY cool!

  • So you guys would prefer, that he’d pass these cars and go home to watch TV instead? You have got to be joking. I agree wit Sprojunky. He didn’t waste time, he took photos. Not all art has to last in its original form (or in any form) forever, the act of art is just as important. The idea of it, “I’ll decorate a dirty car window because I can” is something most of us would not think of, and that is pure genius.

  • Seriously! Wonderful works! Art is NEVER a ‘waste of time’…even if it’s transient in nature. If it touches or moves even one heart, then it has been time well spent.

  • As cool as it is, those are the same 2 cars over and over. And I don’t think that is “dust” or “dirt”, it actually resembles the snow in a can stuff people use on holidays.
    Still, very cool, but I doubt this guy just wanders up to dirty cars and drops these masterpieces.

  • I love the little touches below the main artwork, like the signing on the mini below the dogs and the little swirls on the lights of the mazda, almost as though the artist got bored during the epic effort of drawing the artwork.
    Simply amazing!

  • Beautifully post modern… Obviously the skill has been mastered, reguardless of the medium, and completely embracive of the medium as well. I think I agree with every one of these comments here, but I do have one question. If I were to park my car at your lot with a freshly baked pie waiting on the hood,(as a gift to the dust virtuoso)what flavor should it be?

  • That is dust. I live in the same town as this man. He lives on a very dusty road that will coat your car daily with limestone dust.

  • It only remains a mystery to me that why don’t this guy make his works on canvas or paper, when he’s so skilled anyway?

  • If its the person I think it is, he lives close to McKinney Texas, and yes it is dirt (dust). The dirt roads there are close to a sand but are caletche, I think its called. If you live down a dirt road, you never have a clean car/truck. I use to live close to there and visited friends and hated driving my red Camaro down the roads, the dirt actually was like powder nearly, but would hang on and you had to use windshield wipers if you were behind someone. At times you have to go very slow because its so dusty you can not see far………but the country side is beautiful, so its worth it. Also if its him, the cars are his and wifes.

  • Yeah I believe this is the guy from north texas, he did a bunch for the reunion of the show Dallas a few months ago. Pretty cool stuff.

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