Handmade Poker Table

Amazing craftsmanship is something we love to see here at cool pictures and today we feature a stunning handmade poker table featuring neon lights and of course cup holders, nice touch! How cool is this!

Cool Guitar Straps

A collection of cool guitar straps from decorative straps to cartoon straps and everything in between.     Amazon has a great selection of guitar straps to choose from. Click here to view guitar straps on Amazon.    

Mantaray iTar iPad Guitar

Check out this cool iPad guitar called the Mantaray iTar. It’s created by music and tech reviewer VJ Franz K. The iPad is securely fixed in the centre of the instrument and runs applications Aurora Sound Studio, Kaoss Pad, and others….

7 Cool Boys Gadgets

We love boys toys so we’ve featured 7 of our favourite gadgets you can buy today. Glow Flow Tap Ever fancied washing your hands in liquid light? No, of course not, stupid idea. And yet… to be honest, it’s kind…