London Pictures From Above At Night

These cool pictures of London skyline at night from a helicopter capture London's numerous landmarks with an almost ethereal quality. They are part of an amazing collection by Jason Hawkes which are showcased in his book London at Night

What Photography Equipment Was Used?
Jason shot these images with a camera attached to gyro-stabilized mounts from a Eurocopter AS355, hired out at around £1150 (GBP) per hour, using Nikon gear and either a 14-24mm or a 70-200mm lens. Even with that, the low light and heavy vibrations can make things difficult, Jason says "I often shoot tethered to my Apple MacBook Pro to check the sharpness of the images whilst I shoot."

Check out Jason Hawkes website to see more cool pictures like those pictured above.


  1. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  2. Beautiful pictures, makes me feel very homesick for my lovely London. Thanks for posting these.


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